Monday, 14 November 2016

List of things to do today in Shroud of the Avatar

A list of goals I want to complete today in SOTA after playing 7 days.

Today is my 7th day of staring a new life in Britannia, which is the land of Shroud of the Avatar, a new MMO which is the spiritual offspring of Ultima.

This will be a journal of what I get up to.

Goals today
  • Cooking, buy a recipe and cook one thing.
  • Sell cooked item.
  • Create more cooked food to increase cooking skill.
  • Create more health potions to build alchemy skill
  • Create Portal and Teleport scrolls to sell
  • Organise more deco for new home

Bought Baked Trout recipe from merchant in Nido 
Bought health potion supplies from alchemist merchant in Nido

Wood pulp recipe, for scrolls

Went to West Ravenswood to boost skill pool, using Longbow to easily dispatch Brown Bears and Wolf Spiders.

Visited for 100g Town crier and screenshot
Shady Copse

Stats as of today:

Mining 43
Forestry 51
Foraging 47
Field dressing 62
Fishing 38
Smelting 21
Butchery 12
Tanning 47
Agriculture 0
Textiles 26
Blacksmithing 43
Carpentry 21
Cooking 15
Alchemy 12
Tailoring 19

Polearms 10
Shields 0
Blades 81
Heavy armor 0
Light armor 38
Archery 132
Sun 15
Health 42
Tactics 34
Suberterfuge 43
Focus 29
Taming 11

Recipes learned:
Recall scroll
Hard maple timber
Wood pulp
Salmon meat
Jar of cooking oil

I have been lent a house to rest my weary head in Aelasars Forest

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