Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Day 8 in Shroud of the Avatar

Things to do today in Britannia:

  • Trip to Adoris to clean out bank and hit locations along the way to say hi to Town Crier.
  • Plant more with various seeds and using different planters
  • Develop cooking skill more


Breakers Landing (cool air balloon)
Serpent's Watch
Green Acres
Cottage Grove
Dawns Keep
Ordinas Mortis
Brittany Estates
Brittany Graveyards
Serenity's Edge

Nightshade Pass 3 Scull (ran through quickly, killing one mage, had to take this path top deliver mail on the other side of the pass. Still too hard to solo)
Blackblade foothills 2 Scull

Items I want to buy
Bookcase 2,000g
Large dark cabinet 3,500
Oval Rug (Red) 1,600g


At Liberty, I found a comprehensive bunch of merchants gathered around the entrance to the location, which is great as I don't need to travel. Anything that cuts down on travel helps.


Mining 43/
Forestry 51
Foraging 47
Field dressing 62
Fishing 38
Smelting 21
Butchery 12
Tanning 47
Agriculture 0
Textiles 26
Blacksmithing 43
Carpentry 21
Cooking 15
Alchemy 12
Tailoring 19

Polearms 10
Shields 0
Blades 81/100
Heavy armor 0
Light armor 38
Archery 132/131
Sun 15/16
Health 42/51
Tactics 34/42
Suberterfuge 43
Focus 29
Taming 11
Air -/90

Failed to get to Adoris, got sidetracked grinding in West Ravensmoor, Skull level 3.

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