Thursday, 17 November 2016

12th Day of progress in Shroud of the Avatar

Progress is going in the right direction, but never fast enough. But that's a good thing as it shows a game is engaging.

The amount of information I could share is huge and the problem with blogging progress of my character's progression is being able to stop playing and start tapping out words.

This is good, because it shows that the game can be immersive, maybe too immersive. But such is the nature of games like this, and a game such as Shroud of the Avatar can be played in many different ways.

I have thought about why I enjoy the play and it's probably about micro progression, that thing you got when you played Civilisation, it's 1am and you have to be up for work in the morning and you think, "Just one more turn," Next time you look at the clock it's 4.24am.

We have all been there, although as an adult with a family this kind of thing should not happen. Ok it still does, but it shouldn't. Addiction in gaming is a real thing and life needs to keep balanced. As does the game itself.

A good game imitates aspects of life that are interesting.

However it should also have a little dullness about it, creating ups and downs, excitement and then a little banality. Bean counting is an aspect of the game and it's something that is quite powerful, zen even.

The aesthetic of the game is very good and you can see how much better it will get once more development time has been put into the environmentals.

Everyone plays a game like this differently, the sandbox concept lends itself to a diversity of play. We saw this with Minecraft where players created different ways of playing. From what I know about Shroud of the Avatar, this is something the development team are striving for.

It's still early days though, the game is not yet finished, player Markee Dragon commented on one of his videos that it is about 80% finished. And as the game started in 2013 I think it will be 6 to 12 months before it reaches a point that will be mainstream.

Of course a game like this will never be finished and will hopefully reach a point where it can continue for as long as the Ultima series or indeed, World of Warcraft, which is still going strong if a little diminished in player numbers.

Lots and lots more to say about this game, now if I could only start playing it and blog more about it.

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