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Every item in Shroud of the Avatar

Note: I have taking this project one step forward and created a whole website around finding the prices on Shroud of the Avatar, it's at

Prices are what I find player vendors selling items for
Bolded items are common items

This is a list of items Shroud of the Avatar, also known as SOTA. It's not yet complete, but it is constantly updated

Multiple prices are listed where merchants are selling at different prices
Merchants sourced are in Central Britanny only.

2015 Fireworks 45-Piece Gift Reward Pack
Aether Vibration Amplifier
2015 Fireworks 45-Piece Gift Reward Pack
Aether Vibration Console Amplifier
Airship City Home
Amethyst 400
Ancestor Tombstone
Ancestor'S Cloak 75,000
Animal Hide 35.8
Animal Whistle
Ankh Of Virtue Necklace
Apple 10
Aqua Dye
Ardoris Coleslaw 80
Artisan Box Of Plenty
Artisan Tool Reward
Artisan Pickaxe 25,000
Astrolabe +1 3,000
Augmented Leather Boots 
Augmented Leather Chest Armor
Baked Salmon
Baked Trout
Banana Bread 50 - 82
Bark bread 70
Barn Owl Decoration Pet
Baron's Crown
Baron Founder (City Home) 550,000
Beef pot pie 100
Bear Hat
Bear hat +1 150
Beetle Carapace
Benefactor Citizen Piano
Benefactor'S Cloak 15,000 - 65,000
Benefactor'S Cloth Tunic 15,000
Benefactor'S Plaque
Benefactor'S Vanduul Polearm
Blood Raven Reward
Blue Dye
Blue stall awning 100
Bodice Bottoms
Bodice Top 
Bolt Of Cotton Cloth
Brace Of Lapine
Bronze Augmented Chainmail Helm
Bronze Augmented Chainmail Chest Armor +4 13,000
Bronze Augmented Chainmail Gloves +2 3,000
Bronze Heavy War Hammer +2 3,000
Carpacian Augmented Cloth Chest Armor 500
Carpacian Augmented Cloth Helm 500
Carpacian Epic Cloth Chest Armor 500
Carpentry Hammer Of Prosperity
Chaox Pork And Beef Load
Chaox Pork And Beef Loaf
Checkered Cloak
Chicken pot pie 100 - 165
Citizen Benefactor (Village Home)
Citizen Founder (Village Home)
Citizen Founder (Village Home)
Citizen Founder (Village Water Home)
Commission-Free Vendor
Cotton Epic cloth chest armor 600
Cotton Epic cloth gloves 300
Cotton epic cloth helm 300
Cotton epic cloth helm 300
Cotton epic leg armor 450
Cotton Long Kilt 3,400
Copper Binding
Copper Great Axe
Copper Ingot
Copper Ore
Copper Augmented Chainmail Leggings +6 8,000
Corner Rough Wooden Fence
Corner Viking Wooden Fence
Corpse Wax 7.5
Countach - An Album Cover
Crocodile skewers 125
Daemon Hoof
Dark Aqua Dye
Dark Blue Dye
Dark Green Dye 400
Dark Orange Dye
Dark Pink Dye
Dark Purple Dye
Dark Red Dye
Dark Yellow Dye
Darkstarr Cloak 150,000
Darkstarr smoked duck 100
Diamond 400
Dinner chair 1,890
Domesday Certificate
Dragonbone Throne
Duke'S Cloak
Duke'S Crown
Dupre'S Duck Stew 100
Edelmann Benefactor (Village Home)
Edelmann Birdbath
Edelmann Founder (Village Home) 70,000
Edelmann Founder (Village Water Home)
Elven Three-Story Row Home Reward 157,500
Elven Two-Story Row Home Reward 87,500
Elven Wardrobe
Epic leather boots +8 375
Explosive potion 100
Fairy Wings
Fanciful Dragon Pipe
Fancy bed 3,400
Fancy Tiara 
Filled Test Tube Rack
Fishing Rod Of Prosperity
Focus Potion 100
Founder Artisan Tool Reward
Founder'S Cloth Tunic
Founder'S Plaque
Founder'S Vanduul Polearm
Foundry Expert Carpentry Station
Fyndoro'S Tablet
Giant Monarch Butterfly Decoration Pet
Garlic Cheese Bread 75
Garlic Chicken 250
Gold Crown Of The Obsidians 2,500 - 2,100
Gold Ingot
Gold Ore
Gorns venison roast 100
Gothic Mansion Three-Story (Village Home)
Grannus Beef Stew
Great Dane Decoration Pet
Green Dye
Grey Dye
Harvesting Axe Of Prosperity
Hatch (Basement Entrance)
Health Potion 100
Iron Crown of the Obsidians 2,000
Iron Great Axe +5 3,600
Iron Plate Boots +4 3,200
Iron Plate Boots +74 3,200
Iron Ingot
Iron Ore 66
Jack O' Lantern
Knight Founder (Village Home)
Knight Founder (Village Water Home)
Knight Marshal'S Winged Helm
Kobold Clockwork Wings
Kobold Fighter Mask
Kobold Statue
Kobold Tusker Mask
Large Cabinet 2,800
Large Windmill Power Generator 30,000
Large writing desk 2,400
Large Fountain
leather boots +1 200
Leather boots +7 1,500
Light Orange Dye
Light Pink Dye
Light Purple Dye
Light Red Dye
Light Yellow Dye
Lolo'S Founder Crossbow
Long Rug (Ornate) 1,200
Long Rug (Red) 640
Long Viking Wooden Fence
Lord Founder (Town Water Home)
Lord Marshal Helm
Magic Printing Press
Maple Wood
Metal Scrap
Meteoric Iron Augmented Plate Leggings
Mounted Artic wolf
Mounted antlers 125 -120
Mounted Artic Wolf 800
Mounted Brown Bear 1,200
Mounted Desert Wolf 1,500
Mounted Elder Wolf 2,200
Mounted Patriarch Bear 8,600
Mounted Polar Bear 2,200
Mutton pot pie 100 - 160
Nickel 99
Non-Combat Clockwork Pet Reward 18.000
Non-Combat Pet Reward 15,000
Novia Map Atlas Reward Pack
Obsidian Chip
Obsidian Potion Reward
Obsidian Potion of Capacity 3,500
Obsidian Potion of Conservation 3,500
Obsidian Potion of Expedience 3,500
Obsidian Potion of Precision 3,500
Obsidian Potion of Stamina 3,500
Obsidian Venison loaf 750
Obsidian wolf chops 750
Oil Lamp Burner
Onyx 500
Orange Dye
Ornate Brass Darklamp
Ornate Skull Candle
Oyster Potpie 100 - 200
Pewter Bowl
Pickaxe With Gold Engravings
Pie dough 60
Piece Of Apple Pie
Piece Of Carmelized Onion Quiche
Piece Of Pumpkin Pie 105
Piece Of White Cake 125
Pine Long Bow Of Gaiaism
Pine Long Bow +2 666
Pink Dye
Plain Carnival Mask
Player Owned Town City Lot Deed
Player Owned Town Row Lot Deed
Player Owned Town Village Lot Deed
Portable Aether Vibration Amplifier
Pristine Arctic Wolf Head
Pristine Brown Bear Head
Pristine Elder wolf head 1,000
Pristine Timber Wolf Head 1,000
Prosperity Tool Reward
Pumpkin Soup 72
Pure black dye 2,150
Rabbit stew 100
Raw Cotton 7.8 - 15.98 
Recall Scroll 150
Rectangle Rug (Orange And Black)
Rectangle Rug (Red)
Red Dye
Red stall awning 120
Replenshing Snowball Box
Round Tower (Village Home)
Row Stone & Timber 1-Story Basement
Row Stone & Timber 2-Story Basement
Royal Founder'S Bow
Royal Founder'S Cloak
Royal Founder'S Plaque
Royal purple dye 30,000
Rusted Iron Greenhouse
Ruby 500
Sapphire 300
Short Little Stone Wall
Shroud Of The Avatar Painting
Sickle Of Prosperity
Sickle Of Prosperity
Silver Ore 60 -69
Skeleton Bone 1,000
Skinning Knife Of Prosperity
Skull Sword
Small Old Keep (Village Home)
Small odd skul 100
Small Stone Ruins
Small Writing Desk 1,800
Sooty Bark
Spider Legs
Steampunk Hat 
Steampunk Top Hat 15,000 98,999
Stone Ladder Corner Castle Wall
Stone Ladder Long Gated Castle Wall
Stone Ladder Straight Castle Wall
Stone Short Gated Castle Wall
Stone Straight Castle Wall
Stone Three-Story (Row Home)
Stone Two-Story (Row Home)
Striped Cloak
Suet 380
Sugar cookie 25
Summoning Whistle Necklace (Ferocious Wolf Spider)
Summoning Whistle Necklace (Large Red Spider)
Summoning Whistle Necklace (Small Wolf Spider)
Summoning Whistle Necklace +1 (Ferocious Wolf Spider)
Tavern counter with gate 120
Taming Collar
Teleport Scroll 150
Tin 84 - 99
Tinkerer Certificate
Tombstone 100
Venom Sack
Viking Storage Chest
Viking Three-Story (Row Home)
Viking Two-Story (Row Home)
Village stone 2-strory basement 15,000
Wall Torch 375 - 399
Wheat 2
Wheat seed
Wind Power Generator
Windmill (Village Home) 100,001
Wooden Storage Chest 500
Woolf hat +1 150
Yellow Dye

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